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May 28th, 2015

Sometime in late 2014, an early mid-life crisis took hold. That's all I can say in defense of buying a full-size BlueBird school bus — a real honest-to-god 40' long, 15 ton truck, partially converted as a camper: or a "skoolie" to those in the know. My hopes were—and sort-of remain—to live on the bus and travel around the continent, tracking the warm weather and exploring the outdoors.

The bus, or the Wanderbus as we sometimes call it, had a very interesting previous life in the hands of three guys from Maine: Corey, Tyler, and Seth. Their project was called Love, the Bus and they've done a much better job at documenting their adventure than what I've done here. Please visit their site if you'd like to learn about their fundraising, charity work, and bus maintenence.

My times on the bus began in September 2014, where we took ownership of the bus in Lincolville, Maine and stayed with the wonderful Dunham family for a week. After a few false starts and mechanical difficulties, we soon made our way through Boston and then to Pomfret, Connecticut where we stayed for several months with my aunt Jamie who lives and works on the campus of a very nice boarding school.

During our stay in Pomfret, we refitted the bus with solar panels, a composting toilet, Wifi internet access, a new bedroom, improved electrical systems, a new refrigerator, and a freshwater system.

As the cold weather started to roll in, we drove south to Houston, Texas where we could stay and continue work on the bus.

Photo Journal

The Maine boys framing out the interior of the galley and living area.

Excellent cabinetry work.

The pre-purchase recon mission, with Will.

Move-in day!

Getting organized.

Fake tattoos.

Accidentally locked myself out.

Wiring solar panels.

Our 'backyard' in Pomfret.

Our open house party.

Arrival in Houston.

Cleaning the solar panels at Hueco Tanks, outside El Paso.

Camping at Antelope Island State Park, in Salt Lake City.

Arrival in Portland.